Student Scholarship Program

It is our purpose to educate the public, regarding American Bluegrass Music, to pass on this tradition to the next generation of aspiring musicians. To that end, we are sponsoring a youth scholarship program for those between the age of 10 and 18. The purpose of the scholarship is to provide music lessons in Guitar, Mandolin, Fiddle, Upright Bass, Banjo and Dobro.The guidelines of the program and qualifications are listed below.Those wishing to be considered for the Scholarship program should read the guidelines and submit an application which is available at the March Festival. The Link for the Application Form is at the bottom of this page.


1.)The executive board of the Wilmington Winter Bluegrass Festival will award
scholarships to qualified student applicants who are between the age of
ten and eighteen based on available funds.

2.)Reimbursement will be made upon the receipt of a copy of a cancelled check or a copy of a paid receipt from a pre-approved instructor/teacher.

3.) Applications will be accepted until March 14th 2014, and will be reviewed and announced by the Scholarship Committee at the at the March Festival.

4.)The Scholarship committee shall make recommendations to the executive board
before the March Festival of the WWBF and the executive committee shall approve or deny the application.

5.)The Chairperson of the Scholarship Committee of WWBF shall inform the
applicant in writing of the decision of the executive committee.If the application is denied the letter shall state the reason(s).

6.) The experience and qualifications of the Instructor/Teacher shall be taken into consideration in evaluating an application for a scholarship.

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