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Lower Level -  Main Stage    Brandywine Room    Wilmington Room 


Scope: Workshops are structured to be interactive. Attending with your recording device and tuned instrument is encouraged.


Specialized Workshops


Kids Academy 2017 – Rooms 225 and 325.  Saturday 10 AM. Richard Myers, Director.


Injury Prevention for Musicians - Dover East. Saturday 11:45 AM - 1:45 PM with Kathy de Plaza N.D. Why Knot? Wellness & Massage LLC in West Grove, PA. Kathy will focus on the ability to maintain muscle health and flexibility while playing your instrument until you drop!


Instrument ClinicDover East -  Saturday 1:45 – 3:45 PM with Dana Sutcliffe, (Master Luthier, Dana Sound Research).  Dana will be available for questions regarding repairs, set-ups, strings, woods, frets, tools, electronics and accessories related to all instruments.


Intensive FiddleDover East and West. Sunday 11:30 AM. Rick Shryock. (Rockdale Boys). Rick will cover a range of topics in this more intensive and longer workshop geared to accommodate participant’s questions and needs … for all levels.


2017 Workshop Stages



Saturday,  March 18



10:00 AM   Clogging.  Dover East & West - Joyce Cullen and Mary Deberry


10:30 AM   CAGED Guitar Theory.  Annapolis Room - Ed Schaeffer (Rattlesnake Hill)


11:30 AM   Dobro.  Annapolis Room - Bob McEvoy (Acoustic Turnpike) and Mark Arnold (Underground Railroad)


11:45 AM   Injury Prevention for Musicians.  Dover East - Kathy de Plaza, ND


12:15 PM   Clawhammer Banjo - Beginner.  Dover West - Ted Klein (Loma & 4W5 Jams)


12:30 PM   Yodel with Sandi.  Annapolis Room - Sandi Skidmore Marola (Texas Rose)


1:15 PM   Clawhammer Banjo - Intermediate/Advanced.  Dover West - Ted Kline (Loma & 4W5 Jams)


1:30 PM   Harmony and Three Bluegrass Songs Everyone Should Know.  Annapolis Room - Sweet Yonder    


1:45 PM   Instrument Clinic.  Dover East - Dana Sutcliffe (Dana Sound Research)


2:15 PM   Bass.  Dover West - Barb Diederich (Rattlesnake Hill, D.C. Bluegrass Union)


2:30 PM   Starting a Band,  Sound,  Booking Gigs and Festivals.  Annapolis Room -  Moonshine Falls


3:30 PM   Song Arrangement.  Annapolis Room - Circa Blue


3:45 PM   Meet, Greet Q & A.   Dover East - Blue Mafia


4:15 PM   Dover West - Bringing It All Together - Bluegrass Brothers


4:30 PM  Mandolin.  Annapolis Room – Kevin Justice (WWG, New Racoon Creek)


4:45 PM  Guitar Pickin’.   Dover East -  Ed Schaeffer (Rattlesnake Hill)


4:45 PM  Banjo.  Dover West – Circa Blue






Sunday,  March 19



11:30 AM   Intensive Fiddle for all Levels.  Dover East and West - Rick Shryock – Rockdale Boys